250g bag of Colombia decaf  speciality artisan coffee beans roasted by Bristol coffee roaster

Decaf - Colombia El Buho

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This washed sugarcane decaf coffee is sourced from farmers in the Huila and Tolima regions of Colombia.

Most of Tolima was heavily impacted by the guerrilla war between the Colombian government and the FARC. Much of the land was used to grow illicit crops which brought a lot of violence to the region. Recently, the government started helping families who were willing to get rid of these illicit crops in order to start growing common agricultural crops. Due to this, the region is now almost 100% violence and drug free; switching to a coffee economy that has a big potential.

The coffee is decaffeinated using a sustainable sugarcane-based process. It has lots of dark chocolate, vanilla, spice and rum and is a great example of what can be achieved with careful processing. If you have traditionally avoided decaf we recommend giving this one a try as it could be the one that changes your mind!

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