Our partnership with Avon Needs Trees

We want Boona Boona to be a business with purpose that contributes something positive to society.

As coffee roasters, we depend on a healthy planet that enables farmers around the world to grow the coffee beans that we all love. We need to play our part in promoting sustainability and tackling climate change. 

But how best to do that? 

    We found what we were looking for when we discovered Avon Needs Trees, a South West based charity that buys land to re-plant and re-wild in the River Avon catchment area. You can find out more about them by visiting their website.

    Almost all the woodland in Avon has been lost over the last few centuries. This is depressing for many reasons, not least because trees are an important part of the fight against climate change. The work of Avon Needs Trees does so many good things including capturing carbon, promoting biodiversity, improving water and air quality and providing new community spaces.

    We support Avon Needs Trees in various ways including volunteering, spreading the word and, most importantly, donating money. To date we have donated over £1000. 

    Making this donation doesn't make us perfect and there will always be ways that we can improve, but we are proud to be supporting this amazing charity. Best of all, because they are local, we can visit them and help plant trees!

    Avon Needs Trees Hazeland Site