Coffee Subscription

We offer a flexible coffee subscription service to make it easy for you to get a regular coffee delivery to your home or office. You have complete control and you save money!

How does the coffee subscription service work?

It's really easy to set up your subscription. Simply select the 'Subscribe and save' option on any of our coffees and then choose the frequency that you would like to receive a bag. You aren't locked in to this particular coffee and can change the coffee you receive next at any time.   

When you check out you'll be asked to create an account for the subscription portal. You can then access the portal whenever you want to manage your subscription.

How flexible is it?

It's totally flexible. Through the portal you can change the coffee you'll receive next, number of bags, grind size, weight and frequency.  You can also choose to skip a delivery or cancel your subscription at any point.   

Is a coffee subscription worth it?

If you drink coffee regularly, creating a subscription can definitely be worth it. You don't have to remember to order and you'll get a 5% discount on all your orders. If you aren't happy with the subscription or just need a break you can cancel at any point. 

Can I subscribe to any coffee?

Yes, all of our coffees are available on the subscription service. You are not locked in to a particular coffee and can select a different coffee every time through the portal.

Will the coffee I subscribe to always be available?

The nature of speciality coffee means that there is only ever so much of a particular coffee available. This is because our coffees come from specific farms or cooperatives and sometimes even from a particular field on a farm. 

Most coffees are in good supply and should be available year round however some coffees are only available in small quantities and will only be in stock for a period of time. We make all of these coffees available to our subscribers as we want you to be able to experience our full range.

Sometimes when a coffee runs out we replace it with a similar coffee from that origin, in which case your subscription will switch to the new coffee. If the coffee you are subscribed to runs out and cannot be replaced you'll receive a message to let you know it is out of stock and you can select an alternative via the portal. 

Can I cancel my coffee subscription?

Absolutely. You are not locked into anything and can cancel your subscription at any time. 

If you'd like to find out more about our subscription service please get in touch via our contact us page.