Carnival espresso speciality artisan coffee beans roasted by Bristol coffee roaster

Carnival Espresso

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Carnival espresso sums up what we are all about at Boona Boona - delicious flavours that can be enjoyed by everyone and a celebration of the countries and people that produce these delicious beans. 

We purposely made Carnival a versatile blend so you don't need to have an espresso machine to enjoy it. It makes a lovely cup in almost any brewing method such as a french press, stovetop or Aeropress.  

About this coffee

At Boona Boona we think that we should celebrate the country and people that produce the coffee that we enjoy. Our espresso blend is a mixture of beans from Brazil and Peru roasted to bring out the praline, milk chocolate and tropical fruit flavours that combine to produce a delicious espresso. We named our blend Carnival as it reflects the vibrancy and essence of celebration in the countries that produced these delicious beans.


Praline, milk chocolate and toffee with a hint of tropical fruit. Makes a smooth and sweet espresso with a nutty and chocolatey flavour when combined with milk and makes a killer flat white. -_- -_- Our suggested espresso recipe for this coffee is 18g coffee in, 36g espresso out (2:1 ratio) in 26-30 seconds. -_- -_- Also makes a lovely brew when made in french press, stove top, or Aeropress. But give it a try and let us know what you think!


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