250 gram bag of Brazil Ipanema Reserva speciality artisan coffee beans roasted in Bristol

Brazil Ipanema Reserva

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These Brazilian coffee beans come from the Ipanema Estate located in Minas Gerais, one of the major coffee growing regions of Brazil. The estate is made up of five farms and these particular beans come from Finca Rio Verde, one of the smaller farms on the estate. This coffee exhibits some of the classic flavours that you would expect from a great Brazil with lots of hazelnut and chocolate digestive. With a relatively mild flavour it makes an excellent everyday drinker, works in most brewing methods and is great with or without milk.

In addition to its coffee production areas, Ipanema also cultivates a sustainable harvest of eucalyptus trees. Unlike most other coffee farms that grow eucalyptus, this is not a diversified timber crop; the eucalyptus at Ipanema is grown exclusively to provide the natural fuel required during the coffee drying process.

Not surprisingly, Ipanema is one of the largest employers in the area and offers around 2,000 jobs during the peak harvest time, in addition to its 300+ year-round jobs.

The Details:

Roast level:
Rio Verde, Ipanema Estate
Washington Rodrigues
Minas Gerais
Pulped Natural
Yellow Icatú

About this coffee

Rio Verde’s clay soil is rich in decomposed minerals and full of nutrients due to its rich flora and fauna. Its altitude and plentiful water sources make it ideal for growing not only coffee but also Macadamia and renewable timber. High elevations combined with mountainous topography create a unique microclimate, with mild temperatures and rainfall average of 1,600 mm a year. The diversity of the environment along with the many planted coffee varieties makes for numerous ‘terroirs’, each with its own taste nuances and complexities. -_- -_- The farm is separated out into 69 different ‘glebes’ – or plots – each of which possesses its own small microclimate and is treated and processed separate from the others. 32 of these glebes are located above 1,000 metres, and special care is taken to preserve the coffee’s natural potential for quality from these. This 100% Yellow Icatú lot comes from a single gleb and was processed using the Pulped Natural method.


The Ipanema Reserva has all the attributes of a classic coffee from Brazil. Low in acidity with a mild flavour it has with loads of hazelnut and milk chocolate with digestive biscuit and wafer. It makes a lovely espresso but also works really well in a french press, aeropress or stovetop brewer. -_- -_-


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