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NEW - India Ratnagiri Estate

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This is a lovely coffee from the Ratnagiri Estate in the South Indian Western Ghats. It is processed using the honey method, which basically means that the coffee beans are dried out with some of the cherry flesh still on the beans (there isn't actually any honey involved!). 

It has a balanced flavour with lots of chocolate and toffee flavours and a hint of fruit and is a great example of the quality of coffee that can be found in India, a country perhaps not well known for coffee production. 

The Details:

Roast level:
Ratnagiri Estate
Alok Patre
Western Ghats
Yellow Honey

About this coffee

The Ratnagiri ('Pearl Mountain' in local Hindi language) Estate has been in the Patre family since 1920 and is now run by Ashok Patre. The estate is a lush shaded environment and is home to over 48 species of birds and other animals including monkeys, wild boar, leopards, tigers and even the occasional elephant. This rich biodiversity demands that Ashok and his family have an approach to farming that places ecology at the forefront of everything they do. The farm is run on an organic/biodynamic basis and has been awarded Rainforest Alliance Certification. -_- -_- After harvesting, these beans are de-pulped leaving some the cherry flesh on the bean. They are then dried on raised beds for 16-20 days after which further sorting takes place to ensure only the best beans are selected for export.


Coffees from the Ratnagiri Estate are balanced with medium/low acidity. Taken to a medium roast level, there is a lot of chocolate and toffee and the honey processing method imparts a hint of peach.


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