Brazil Single Origin Espresso
Brazil Single Origin Espresso

Brazil Single Origin Espresso

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The Rainha Da Paz farm is run by the Montanari family close to the town of Patrocinio in the heart of the Cerrado in Minas Gerais.  The Montanaris are the descendants of Italian immigrants and the farm is managed by fourth generation brothers Roger and Marcello, under the watchful eye of their experienced coffee farming father.

The brothers are pushing the boundaries of modern coffee farming in Brazil and five  varieties of coffee are grown on the farm.  These different coffees are processed separately so that only the best coffees are selected for export. Marcello is an agricultural engineer and takes a great interest in the test plot on the farm where different varieties are grown and studied for yield, resistance to disease and flavour quality. 

Flavour profile:   The Rainha Da  Paz pulped natural has all the attributes of a classic coffee from Brazil.  Low in acidity with loads of hazelnut and milk chocolate and a cherry fruitiness, it is the perfect coffee for our single origin espresso offering.  It also works really well in a french press or a stovetop brewer, but if you're looking for a coffee for your home espresso machine, this is a great place to start.     

Our suggested espresso recipe for this coffee is 18g coffee in, 36g espresso out (2:1 ratio) in 26-30 seconds.

Roast level:  Medium

Farm: Rainha Da Paz

Region:  Minas Gerais

Process:  Pulped Natural

Varietal:  Topazio



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