Our approach to coffee

The speciality coffee market has grown hugely over the last few years and there are more small batch roasters and independent coffee shops than there have ever been.  


Coffee is fascinating - from the people who produce it and places it comes from to the huge variety of flavours that can be found in those little beans.  We want to create an engaging and accessible culture around speciality coffee that respects everyone's tastes and celebrates the countries of origin and people involved in its creation.

Put simply, we want to help as many people as possible to enjoy great coffee.  So if you're an aficionado looking for the latest flavours or processing methods that's great, but if you're simply looking for something better and more ethically sourced than what you find in the supermarket or chain coffee shops, that's amazing too. 

We only roast the highest quality coffee,  but we always have a range of roasts available so you can find a coffee that is great for you.     


As well as great coffee, we want Boona Boona to reflect what we feel is important in terms of sustainability.  In fact, we believe that a coffee roaster's commitment to sustainability should be as important as their commitment to quality coffee. 

We depend on a healthy environment to produce the coffee that we love.  For us to benefit from the produce of the natural world while at the same time behaving in a way that is detrimental to it would be perverse and self-destructive.

We're a start up but we plan to grow and we have an opportunity to make sustainability central to the culture of Boona Boona right from the start, not because it make us look good, but because we genuinely believe it's the right thing to do.    

Find out more about our biodegradable packaging and tree planting in the sustainability section of the site. 

We are by no means perfect and sustainability requires constant improvement.  If you have a suggestion or idea on how we can be more sustainable we'd love to hear from you. 

Boona Boona.