250g bag of Nicaragua Los Cielitos speciality artisan coffee beans roasted by Bristol coffee roaster

Nicaragua Los Cielitos

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These delicious coffee beans from Nicaragua come from the Los Cielitos farm in the Cerro Mogoton area of Northern Nicaragua. They are processed using the honey method, which essentially means that the beans are dried out with some of the coffee cherry fleshed still attached - there isn't any actual honey involved!

It is grown at relatively high altitudes, up to 1700 metres above sea level. This altitude causes the cherries to ripen slowly which helps to pack in lots of flavour to the beans - similar to how high grown grapes can make some of the most flavoursome wines. Expect lots of tropical fruit and figgy sweetness that is balanced with really nice caramel and chocolate flavours. 

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Los Cielitos
Dona Johana
Cerro Mongoton
Red Catuai

About this coffee

Los Cielitos ('The Skies') is located near the top of Cerro Mogoton, close to the highest point in Nicaragua. Sitting at altitudes between 1300-1700 metres above sea level, on cloudy days the farm sits above the clouds. -_- -_- The farm was acquired by Dona Johana and her two sons in 2014. As agro-engineers, Dona's sons apply up to date methods of soil and farm management and the coffee is grown under the shade of guava, fruit trees and pine trees. A large array of wildlife lives on the farm including deer, agoutis and many species of birds. -_- -_- The farm is difficult to access because of the absence of roads and during the harvest the bags need to be carried 1 kilometre by hand to reach the nearest gravel road. The coffee cherries are processed at a local dry mill called Cafetos de Segovia that was set up to improve the quality of coffee produced in the area. Cafetos de Segovia submits coffee to the Nicaraguan national Cup of Excellence every year and always ranks highly.


A combination of high altitude and the honey processing method give this coffee loads of delicious tropical fruit flavours such as mango and peach. This is balanced by a lovely figgy sweetness and caramel and chocolate flavours.


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