250g bag of El Salvador Grupo Renacer speciality artisan coffee beans roasted by Bristol coffee roaster

El Salvador Grupo Renacer

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These El Salvador coffee beans are from Grupo Renacer, a cooperative of producers who have small farms of 2-5 hectares.  The farmers are all members of the Renacer field school that was set up to help producers improve the quantity and quality of their harvest so that they can prosper and earn a good living.  

This coffee has a lovely biscuit and popcorn sweetness with a little peach and bergamot. We roast it to a medium level so it works with all brewing methods, we've been enjoying from a french press and it also makes a lovely espresso.

The label features an image of Bolas de Fuego - 'The fireball festival' - that commemorates a volcanic eruption 1658.  According to legend the eruption was actually  a battle between Saint Geronimo and the Devil.

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Grupo Renacer
Various Smallholders
Ahuachapán mountain range
Bourbon & Pacas

About this coffee

The Renacer field school at Finca Noruega is headed by Sigfredo Corado, a retired professor of Agronomy from the National School of Agriculture, and is located in the Ahuachapán mountain range in the west of El Salvador. The school is part of the Renacer Program (Reborn in Spanish), an educational program for producers in the area to learn about better farm management practices. -_- -_- This year they have 60 students and the students work test plots where they can implement the knowledge gained in class before applying it to their own farms. At harvest time the farmers carry their cherry to the wet mill and drying beds at Beneficio San Rafael located between the two hills of El Pilon and Cerro Aguila. -_- -_- Here the coffee is washed before being pulped and fermented until the pH drops to 4.5. The processed beans are then laid out on drying beds for between 7 - 10 days where they are moved every hour until ready.


A buttery, creamy texture with biscuit sweetness and a hint of peach and bergamot make this a great all rounder. We roast to medium roast level and have been enjoying it brewed using various methods including espresso where is great on its own or in a milky drink like a flat white.


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