Guatemala San Francisco
Guatemala San Francisco
Guatemala San Francisco

Guatemala San Francisco

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A medium roast coffee from Finca San Francisco in Northern Guatemala. This large farm supports a wide ranging ecosystem of flora and fauna and has been awarded Rainforest Alliance certification in recognition of the responsible environmental practices in place. 

Lots of milk chocolate and hazelnut mixed in with some really nice floral flavours.


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Finca San Francisco
Bonilla-Solis family
Quiche Department
Bourbon & Catuai

About this coffee

Finca San Francisco sits in the northern Guatemalan coffee producing region, in the middle of the Quiche department, where some of the most spectacular coffee farms can be found. -_- -_- With almost a thousand hectares of cultivated area, San Francisco Cotzal is one of the largest coffee plantations in Guatemala. Environmentally and socially responsible, the owners not only take care of their coffee and its quality but also the workers and their families, providing new housing, schools and communal kitchens. -_- -_- Besides coffee, San Francisco cultivates macadamia, lemon and avocado, but even more important is the natural forest surrounding the farm which sustains life throughout the area. This ecosystem provides a habitat to a wide range of flora and fauna and the farm has received the Rainforest Alliance certification due to the responsible work and land management practices that are in place.


We take this to a medium roast so it has a full flavour with loads of milk chocolate and hazelnut but also some nice floral flavours and hint of citrusy acidity.


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