Peru La Huaca
Peru La Huaca

Peru La Huaca

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A medium/dark roasted coffee from the La Huaca village in the Huabal district of Peru. 

We roast this coffee to a slightly darker roast level to bring out brown sugar sweetness and dark chocolate flavours, but it also retains a hint of tropical fruit.  

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Huabal district

About this coffee

This is a blend of coffees from the La Huaca village in the Huabal district of Peru. The producers in La Huaca have between 1 and 3 hectares of land, mostly at around 1800 metres above sea level and they pick and process their coffee themselves. -_- -_- We are especially pleased to be working with this coffee as our partner, Falcon Coffee Importers, have worked closely with farmers in Peru over the last few years to improve quality and increase the prices that farmers get paid. Much of the price paid for Peruvian coffee goes to middle men with little making its way to the farmers, giving them little incentive to invest in their farms and increase quality. -_- -_- To improve this situation, Falcon set up their own warehouse and infrastructure in the country which allows them to work directly with the producers and provide training and support to help them increase the quality of their coffee. The farmers then receive more of the premium that the higher quality coffee attracts.


We roast the La Huaca for a little longer than some of our other coffees to bring out some of the brown sugar sweetness, dark chocolate and cacao. It works well when brewed in a French press, moka pot or espresso and has a nice creamy mouthfeel.


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