Brazil Engenho Da Serra

Brazil Engenho Da Serra

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This is a great all-rounder coffee from Brazil that works with many brewing methods but makes a lovely smooth espresso with loads of praline and toffee flavours. 


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Engenho Da Serra
Sanda and Lucas Santos
Minas Gerais
Red catuai

About this coffee

This coffee comes from Engenho Da Serra in the Cerrada Mineiro of Minas Gerais, an area known for high quality coffee that is protected by Designation of Origin status. The farm was first planted in the 1970's by Jose Humberto Andrade, one of the pioneers of coffee in the region, and is now run by Sanda Santos and her nephew Lucas. -_- -_- Grown at 1100-1200 metres above sea level, the hot days and long cool nights provide the perfect climate for growing coffee and help to give these beans a lovely balance of body and flavour, making this coffee a great all rounder.


The Engenho Da Serra has all the attributes of a classic coffee from Brazil. Low in acidity with loads of hazelnut and milk chocolate and a cherry fruitiness, it makes a lovely espresso but also works really well in a french press, aeropress or stovetop brewer. -_- -_- Our suggested espresso recipe for this coffee is 18g coffee in, 36g espresso out (2:1 ratio) in 25-30 seconds.


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