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Brazil Fazenda Freitas

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This is a great all-rounder coffee from Brazil that works with many brewing methods but makes a lovely smooth espresso with loads of praline and toffee flavours. Due to the sustainable farming practices employed at Fazenda Freitas this coffee has been awarded Rainforest Alliance certification.


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Fazenda Freitas
Osmar and Gabriel
Cerrado Mineiro
Mundo Novo

About this coffee

The production of coffee on Fazenda Freitas began 35 years ago when Osmar Junior planted 10 hectares of Arabic coffee in the soil of Carrado Mineiro. These first 10 hectares produced around 100 bags of coffee and the farm has now expanded to 114 hectares. -_- -_- The farm is now run by Osmar and his son Gabriel and they put their success down to a willingness to experiment with new varieties and processing methods. This success has allowed them to invest in their own laboratory on the farm where they can taste and assess their experiments.


The Fazenda Freitas has all the attributes of a classic coffee from Brazil. Low in acidity with loads of hazelnut and milk chocolate and a cherry fruitiness, it makes a lovely espresso but also works really well in a french press, aeropress or stovetop brewer. -_- -_-


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