Colombia El Diviso

Colombia El Diviso

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This amazing coffee is from Finca El Diviso in north west Colombia. It's grown really high up at 1850 metres above sea level and the slow ripening of the cherries mean the beans pack in loads of interesting flavours.

We roast this coffee to a light roast profile to preserve as many of those flavours as possible. With loads of juicy plum and blueberry acidity this is a great option for filter or V60 but is also delicious when brewed in other ways such as french press or Aeropress.


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Finca El Diviso
Vidal and Oliva Aenas
Buenos Aires, Antioquia

About this coffee

Finca El Diviso has been in the Aenas family for 27 years and is currently farmed by Vidal Aenas and his wife Oliva together with their three sons. The farm is located in the Buenos Aires region in Antioquia, an area that can produce very good coffee despite the challenging climatic and wet conditions in this part of Colombia. -_- -_- The farm has 12,000 coffee plants interspersed with native trees and fruit trees. The Aenas's are passionate about the environment, especially the many birds that live on the farm and the land is managed to encourage and protect the plants and animals that thrive in the local area. -_- -_- The family have worked very hard to improve the quality of their coffee and are now seeing great results, as demonstrated with this coffee with its lovely juicy plum flavour and honeycomb sweetness.


Juicy plum and bright blueberry acidity with milk chocolate and honeycomb sweetness. -_- -_- Due to the light roast profile this coffee retains a lot of the flavours that naturally occur in the bean. This is an excellent choice for filter coffee and for brewing methods like a V60 but it can be equally delicious when brewed in other ways such as french press or Aeropress.


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